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How to Protect your Car

All car lovers are fond of their cars. Protecting your car from theft and damage is as important as maintaining your car technically. The first thing you do when you buy a car is invest in a perfect insurance plan. That’s the first step towards safeguarding your vehicle and yourself. You won’t need to worry about technical maintenance as the periodic servicing by your vendor will take care of it. However every car owner has some responsibility of protecting his vehicle in every possible manner. This includes frequent car-wash, which everybody does, at least for the first few months until the smell of new dashboard vanishes.



  • Install a car alarm to protect your car from theft. The high-end versions of most of the cars have this alarm system pre-installed so that you needn’t shell out extra bucks. This is the most important auxiliary of a car which primarily serves the purpose of safety and security. The car alarm comes with several sophisticated technology integrated into it. One such sophistication is the network alarm with GPS/GSM notification. With this kind of alarm the vehicle is fitted with tracking and positioning system that helps you to literally track your vehicle down to the very location. And there is still the contemporary alarm system that automatically locks moving parts of the vehicle restricting any kind of movement.


  • Another way to restrict illegal access to your vehicle is to have fingerprint recognition system. The system can be designed to accept more than one fingerprint so that your family can access it when you aren’t around. Yet another technology is password protected ignition system just like the Audi in the Transporter movie. Such sophistication are hard to break or bye-pass, moreover it just adds luxury to your security system.

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  • Your car seats are the first ‘feel-it’ entity when you get into the car. The most important feature of the car’s interior is the comfort-ability of seats. Protecting the lustre of seats is essential and hence the use of seat covers come into existence. Car upholstery has to look good and feel good. Most of the car seat covers actually improve the comfort and style and customized car seats covers are available to make it seem a perfect match. Though seats are replaceable, the seat covers are affordable and affable.


  • Like bad road conditions, bad weather conditions too could have serious impact on your car. The seasonal changes could have a toll on the car body paint with the extreme temperature differences sucking up all the gloss finish. There are in-numerous paint protection and paint refurnishing solutions available in the market. The body paint and windshields have to maintained scratch free and apart from regular car wash the use of glossy solutions could render some shine that will make your car look brand new forever.

The craze for cars have always existed in everyone of us and when we own one we tend to love it as if it was a part of our family. A car built by technology needs a man to take care of it. Get a car cleaning kit and protect your mean-machine.